My Top 5 EDC Items

My Top 5 EDC Items RDA Pic EDC

My Top 5 EDC or Every Day Carry, what’s in your pockets or on your person.

When discussing EDC, I find it easiest to simply list my top 5 EDC items. Keep in mind, while my EDC may change from time to time, this is simply a basis of what I carry everywhere from my 9-5 job, working on the farm, going to the store or attending church on Sunday.

Cell Phone

While in an emergency this could be my lifeline. With the development of flashlights in phones, I find this to eliminate one less thing in my pocket. Obviously there are thousands of situations where a cell phone could come in handy, even for passing the time browsing The Gun Room’s inventory!

Leather Wallet

Cash, debit/credit card, drivers license, CCDW license, business cards, and etc.


I personally find it works best to have a basic key ring with truck key & house key that is always on me unless in use. Then a set of keys for the office and a set of keys for the farm-gates & tractors. This is simply a personal preference as it helps to simplify my life.

Pocket Knife

This is a loaded topic, from the traditional 3 blade knife to the tactical folding single blade. There are literally millions of options to fill this category. Personally I carry a single blade folder with a pocket clip. This knife is used for everything like opening boxes, cutting strings on hay bales, and the occasional screwdriver. It’s usually positioned in my right pocket with the clip visible.

CCDW Handgun & Holster

Just as stated previously with knives there are thousands of options. For a handgun, I carry a 9mm micro compact with good quality hollow point ammunition. For most any situation I would encounter, the 9mm + P round is more than capable of handling it. As for holster, for my personal EDC, I prefer an inside the waist band holster that is tuckable, given if I need my shirt tucked in.

Honorable mentions that didn’t make my top 5.

CCDW Fixed Blade

This knife differs in function from my top 5 EDC, just as stated it is a CCDW fixed blade, carried for 1 purpose “a defensive weapon”. Carried concealed and only drawn or revealed in a defensive situation.


Most often overlooked but carrying EDC gear gets heavy, it is extremely important to have a high quality belt to keep everything where it belongs. And if you are a big boy, like myself this is super important!

This is simply just an overview and by no means perfect! EDC should be specific to the individual and you should truly find what works for you! We offer a lot of products and are happy to discuss the pros and cons, as well as provide assistance in helping you to build your EDC. Please browse our inventory and let us know if we can assist in anyway. Feel free to contact us! My top 5 edc.

Thank you for reading!