TGR: Top 10 Picks for CCDW Handgun

TGR: Top 10 Picks for CCDW Handgun IMG 1546

In the firearms industry there are many different sectors–collector, shooting sports or CCDW to name a few.  Today, we are going to specifically look at Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons (CCDW), more specifically what handgun to pick. While I know if you ask 10 different people the question, “What do you carry?”, you will probably receive 10 different answers. 5 things to consider when choosing a handgun for CCDW:

  1. How much do I want to spend?  Most often this is what drives many people’s decisions. With my financial background, I have preached several times about not exceeding a budget.  But if you are buying your first handgun for the sole purpose of protecting yourself and your family, do yourself a favor and buy the highest quality within your budget.  DO NOT SETTLE for cheapest!
  2. What caliber do I choose?  This should be a fairly simple choice, right? Buy a handgun with enough power to stop the threat!  So, what is that? (Once again, a personal choice!)  If you are recoil sensitive, a handgun chambered in .22LR might be your choice. If your EDC handgun doubles as a hunting gun, a 500 Smith and Wesson may be a better choice. While both of these examples are from each end of the spectrum, they are real life examples. For the average person carrying concealed will fall somewhere in between.  For example, .380 ACP, 9mm, 38 Special, .357 Magnum, or the classic .45 ACP.
  3. Semi-auto or Revolver? While there are pros and cons with either, there is no wrong answer. The best advice I can offer in picking is IT DOESN’T MATTER! But once you choose, buy extra ammo to practice, practice and practice!
  4. Compact or Full size? As crazy as this sounds, I think this is truly based on the weather or time of the year! As well as your specific body type. For example, Fall & Winter can be pretty mild here in Kentucky with only needing a light jacket or sweater. During this time of the year a full-sized handgun is very easy to conceal. While in Spring & Summer a pocket pistol or sub compact is easy to conceal under a t-shirt.

Here at The Gun Room, we sell a wide variety of firearms, but here is our top 10 most requested CCDW handguns:

10)      Kimber Ultra-45ACP

9)        Springfield Hellcat-9mm

8)         Smith and Wesson 360-.357 Mag

7)         Sig P365X MACRO-9mm

6)         Smith and Wesson BG38-38SPL

5)         Smith and Wesson Shield-9mm

4)         Ruger EC9s-9mm

3)         Glock 43X-9mm

2)         Glock 43-9m

1)         Sig P365X-9mm

As you can see from this list, the sub-compact 9mm somewhat rules the market. While there are many more options not on this list, this simply is what we have sold the most of for concealed carry.

Always remember, at the end of the day this is a personal preference, so choose what works best for you! We are always available for questions and are happy to help you with options for your 1st handgun or your 100th!

Thank you for stopping by!

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