Armed Women: Top 10 Guns

Armed Women: Top 10 Guns ladies week Bg

Women in Kentucky and across the nation are making significant contributions to annual handgun sales. But what exactly are they buying? Based on a survey by The Well Armed Woman, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 handguns purchased by women in 2022. Let’s dive in and explore these popular firearms.

The List

  1. SIG Sauer P365 (9mm)
    • A compact and versatile choice, perfect for concealed carry.
  2. S&W M&P9 Shield EZ (9mm)
    • Known for its easy-to-use features, making it a favorite among beginners.
  3. M&P380 Shield EZ (.380 ACP)
    • A lighter caliber option with the same ease-of-use as its 9mm counterpart.
  4. Glock 43X (9mm)
    • A slim and reliable option for those who prefer the Glock brand.
  5. Glock 19X (9mm)
    • A crossover model that combines the best features of Glock’s compact and full-size models.
  6. Springfield Hellcat (9mm)
    • A micro-compact with a high-capacity magazine, ideal for concealed carry.
  7. Three-way tie:
    • S&W M&P Shield 9 (9mm)
    • Walther PDP-F (9mm)
    • SIG Sauer P238 (.380 ACP)
  8. SIG Sauer P320 (9mm)
    • A modular handgun with a variety of customization options.
  9. Ruger SR22 (22 LR)
    • A .22 caliber option that’s great for target practice and beginners.
  10. Kimber Micro 9 (9mm)
    • A micro-compact that offers both performance and aesthetics.


Carrie Lightfoot, the founder of The Well Armed Woman, pointed out that although some well-known brands didn’t make the top 10 list, they are gaining traction with new models. Brands like Taurus are making inroads with their G Series, and certain revolvers are also finding favor among women.

When it comes to concealed carry handguns for women, especially in Kentucky where gun ownership is a part of the culture, comfort and ease of use are paramount. A good concealed carry firearm should be lightweight and compact enough to be easily concealed in various types of clothing, including dresses, skirts, and pants with different pocket sizes. Ergonomics also play a crucial role; the grip should be comfortable for smaller hands, and the controls (like the safety and slide release) should be easily accessible. Some models offer interchangeable grip sizes and modular designs, allowing for a more customized fit.

Another important factor is the ease of operation. Women who are new to firearms, or even seasoned shooters, appreciate a gun that is simple to operate. Features like an easy-to-rack slide, straightforward disassembly for cleaning, and a smooth trigger pull can make all the difference. Additionally, the firearm should have reliable safety features to prevent accidental discharge. Some popular models come with built-in safeties, grip safeties, or even external thumb safeties for added security. The easier the gun is to operate, the more likely it is to be used effectively in high-stress situations.

Lastly, caliber and capacity shouldn’t be overlooked. While a higher caliber gun may offer more stopping power, it also comes with increased recoil, which might not be suitable for all women. Many prefer firearms chambered in 9mm or .380 ACP for a good balance of power and manageability. As for capacity, micro-compacts that offer extended magazines provide a good balance between size and the number of rounds available. In Kentucky, where both urban and rural environments exist, having a versatile firearm that offers a mix of concealability, ease of use, and adequate firepower is essential for women who choose to carry.


Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a beginner, this list offers a variety of options to suit your needs. From compact firearms for concealed carry to larger models for home defense, women in Kentucky have a wide range of choices when it comes to handguns.

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